Message From Director

Forward Degree College was established in 1999 to meet the Educational needs of boys at that time. We are grateful to students, parents and for their kind cooperation with us in making this institution one of the best and trend setter in the history for purposeful education. After 8 years we can look back with pride at the success and dedication of our staff that supported our efforts to achieve better results each year. It is my pleasure to welcome the new students of FDC, Hayatabad.

FDC has served during the last 8 years, endeavored to provide best possible academic environment to its students. The result of a very large number of students and their marvelous successes in academic as well as in practical are especially because of the teachers. This is the age of modern sciences in the field of education of Engineering, Medical and Computer Science to meet the challenges of the modern era. Apart from academics, FDC, engage its students in extra curriculum activities to built their character and personality‘. FDC also emphasis on discipline, since the establishment of the college, the performance of our students of F.Sc, BCS, FA, FSc, BA, BSc is due to available facilities with dedication and devotion. I wish you all success in your career.

Apart from academics, lays particular emphasis on character and personality building of its students, since these qualities play a very important role in the practical life, together with academic attainments, these are vital assets of an individual in the service of society and humanity, I therefore urge upon the incoming students to utilize all the energies and upward trends high potential and talents. I have qualified staff and I believe in hard work, therefore people all over province realize that Forward Educational Institutions is one of the best systems of Educational institutes.

I hope-and believe that with my deep sense and dedication, my sincere efforts and my experienced faculty and your cooperation, I believe the better educational society is hope of progress. In brief, I wish to groom them into ideal members of our society to have the vision and of Forward.

I wish my students to look forward to their future because our Aim is forward and we march forward.