The facility of Physics at FDC in close connection with our students aims to able to conduct original and advanced research in modern physics and in its applications in high technology. The department has been contributing to the international science on a theoretical basis, especially, in the fields of electron tunneling and physics of atomic force microscopy, quantum conductivity, low-dimensioned electron physics and quantum optics.

The Physics Department of FDC offers its students an educational program covering all the fields of physics. The Computer aided program is conducted in modern laboratories ‘Qt Id foregrounds student’s creativity. This educational program is further backed up with advanced research in various fields such s low-dimensional electron physics and mezoscopic physics, theory of tunneling, high temperature super conductivity and electron photon interactions, electron energy structures of dense substances, statistical mechanics and classical and quantum chaos. Our students, beginning just from their undergraduate years, join class studies and become conscious of the boundaries of science, develop their research abilities and build background for graduate studies on current subjects.