Islamic Studies

The aim of the Islamic history is to consider and teach: in connection with phenomena such as politics, economics, religion and art. The historical events that have influenced humans as social beings since. Prehistoric times. in this respect, the course introduces its students to source documents which have made history a science and the research methods designed for them and offers them coursed in disciplines such as economics, law and sociology in order to help them acquire the ability in analyzing past events.

In the Islamic History a special emphasis is put on the knowledge of original texts and the ability of reading archive documents in order reach the primary sources of Islamic History. Again in our department, the eminent turning points and issues of Pak History, Islamic History and World History. Especially the world history in the 19 and the 20 centuries and in relation to this. The disintegration of the Ottoman Empire are studied comprehensively. After fulfilling the requirements stipulated by the Ministry of Education. Can become teachers in secondary education; they can work as exports in archives, in libraries of handwritten works or they can work as faculty members in universities alter completion of a postgraduate career.