English and Literature

The English and Literature at FDC stared its philosophy training in 1999 with the aim of applying one of the best curricula. ln order to attain this goal, our College has never been content with a unidimensional training in English Literature, in this respect, our graduates can easily find international jobs or pursue postgraduate studies. Moreover, they are able to work in high schools and universities and attain Careers in literature, literary criticism, translation, communication, and media.

The department of English language and literature at FDC aims to enable its students to appreciate their own language and literature in a more sensitive and critical way while studying the language and literature of another society and to be able to generate beneficial and peaceful solutions that will make the world more livable.

The faculty of English and Literature at FDC provides its students with a basic training in the English language, but this is not its only objective. lt especially focuses on the idiosyncratic English that has flourished within American cultures. Taking account of this subtle difference, our College imparts American culture, history and art to our students through the perspective of an American intellectual.

In addition to American Literature, cinema and drama samples from European literature are comparatively studied in the College Since our Department implements a curriculum in the line with the economic, scientific, financial and academic level that the American society has attained, our Students can easily adapt themselves to the similar programs in the world and follow the innovations in the field.