Economics is a science that examines the behaviors of economic units, the operation of institutions and systems, and the effective use of scarce resource. By providing its students with the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary for making sound economic analyses.

The economics is concerned with various issues that directly affect the society. Causes of unemployment and inflation, productivity, economic growth, domestic and foreign debts, and the state’s role in market.

Economies are only a few of those issues. Economists have generated a series of principles and methods to be able to analyze these issues correctly.

Involves the examination of these principles a methods and their application to the issues mentioned above as per sale base Economic Facts closely interact with the social and political structures of a society. A correct analysis of these economics phenomena is possible only when they are considered in a social and political context.

Economics is also a science of decision-making. Students of economics learn how to evaluate at interpret the uses and social decisions. Obviously these subject are available at inter level and in BA level.