Chemistry is a fundamental discipline that, on the one hand, tries to reveal the natural laws at the heart of the characteristics of substances at the atomically and molecular level and on the other hand, though the usage of these data, aims to acquire new products and develop new production techniques. The intersections between sciences like Physics, Biology and Chemistry are the areas where significant discoveries emerge. According to one definition, chemistry is and industry producing industry. Holding a significant place with basic sciences, Chemistry has been playing a leading role in the establishment of future technologies.

Nowadays, apart from their traditional interest areas. Chemists have been functioning in a variety of interdisciplinary fields or work. Some examples of these fields or work are the quantum theory of substances, advanced materials, molecular electronics materials, molecular electronics, self-regulating molecules, meso and nano structures, magnetic resonance imaging methods, super conductors, exotic molecular structures, chaotic systems, lasers, photosynthesis, and new spectroscopic methods.