There is a story of struggle and achievements behind the present venerable status of Forward group of educational institutions. Forwards System started imparting education immediately after establishment of Pakistan to fill the vacuum created by closure of Non-Muslim educational institutions in the private sector to meet the pressing needs of people of Peshawar.

A worker of independence movement, Social Worker, Journalists, writer of many books and devoted educationist, of KPK, Professor Muhammad Shafi Sabir, started Forward Schools in Peshawar City as a modest venture in private sector. This was really a pioneer effort. Need for education in independent Pakistan continued to rise. In recognition of a high standard of success resulting from dedicated hard work people affectionately compelled Forward System to meet need of education of their children and to provide educational institutions. Within a short span of a few years, forward flowered into Forward High School for Boys and Forward to Forward System of educational Institutions. There recent addition in this regard is Forward Degree College, Hayatabad, established in 1999.

Forward Degree College, Hayatabad, Peshawar, is a new college it is an addition to Forward System of educational institutions. Existing institutions of this system are located in Peshawar city and Hayatabad.

A team of dedicated workers headed by the devoted educationist of Sarhad, Professor Muhammad Shafi Sabir, made it a respectable system.

The present age is an age of educations; it is an age of science. As a nation we are conscious of the needs of present day life and the dominant role of science. We look forward to the future. We are a nation deeply devoted to spiritual values. We feel it is our duty to help our students to develop a balanced personality a blend of practical needs and spiritual values.